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Please note that the priorities may be subject to change due to significant traction, breakthrough research, or feedback from the community. Moreover, it should be understood that these are projections made with the best possible effort, but they may be disrupted by various factors. Caring Meadow is a ground-breaking game that integrates unfinished, high-risk, and experimental technology.
V1. Exploration, the potential of NFT in charity
We believe the rise of NFT provides great opportunities for unique charity marketing and fundraising initiatives, which can attract more people to voluntarily and actively participate in the conservation of wildlife.
V2. Dawn, sustainable charity contribution
In the launch of Caring Meadow's utility token $CMT, it will serve as:
  • Circulating token for the game
  • Reward for staking NFTs on market
  • Requirement to obtain higher-level NFTs in the game
  • Governance
  • Donation to charity and public welfare
V3. Forward, the launch of a public chain focused on charity
We will launch our own mainnet on the basis of the existing ecosystem. On one hand, we will record all the species in the world on the chain as a permanent solution, and on the other hand, we will address the liquidity and financial issues in NFT transactions in a fragmented manner to promote the sustainable development of animal protection. Our goal is to establish a sustainable charity donation ecosystem.
  • May, 2022, Idea generation
  • July, 2022, Market research
  • September, 2022, Core team construction
  • November, 2022, Long-term mission discussion
  • Decemeber, 2022, Game ecosystem design
  • January,2023, WhitePaper release
  • Feberary, 2023, Demonstration and Research of Game Model
  • March, 2023, Tokenomics design
  • April, 2023, website online
  • Q2, 2023, Game development and V1 release, including NFT marketplace
  • Q3, 2023, Global marketing and Brand expension
  • Q4, 2023, New version release, including website UI update, new gameplay and pet contest system.
  • Q1, 2024, expand the in-game marketplace to world.
  • Q2, 2024, develop our own public chain which mainly forcus on the NFT trading and charity donation.
  • More is on the way.
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