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We believe that the growth in popularity of NFTs may create exciting opportunities for unique cause-marketing and fundraising efforts.
Caring Meadow aims to create an ecosystem of unique gaming experience with player-owned economies, well-designed farming system, subtle contest mechanism and most importantly, continue to develop a series of games in the near future. These four pillars set Caring Meadow to attracting, engaging and retaining the players and deliver an opportunity for animal lovers and crypto enthusiasts to make a contribution to protecting the animals whilst enjoying the game.

Who are we ?

The team of Caring Meadow is constituted by a group of animal lovers and crypto enthusiasts. We are passionate about the animals and are dedicated to creating a unique gaming experience that combines the excitement of crypto that rewards players for their contributions to animal protection.
We believe that gaming can be a powerful tool for educating and engaging people about animal protection issues such as extinction. Through our innovative approach of integrating blockchain technology, we can inspire a new generation of animal lovers and foster a community dedicated to protecting animals. Caring Meadow team intends to create a game that not only entertains but also encourages players to make a positive impact on the world around them.
Our team is made up of talented individuals with diverse backgrounds, including game design, blockchain development, and animal science. Together, we are committed to creating a game that raises awareness about the urgent need to address animal issues and empowers players to make a positive impact. At meanwhile to promote empathy and compassion towards animals and inspires players to take action towards their protection. By utilizing blockchain technology, we can create a decentralized platform that allows players to earn and trade digital assets as they progress through the game.
Join us on our mission to create a gaming experience that inspires real-world change and helps protect animals for future generation!

What we do?

We have developed a NFT-driven pet simulation game that utilizes the power of blockchain technology to incentivise players to take actions that benefit the environment. The game will not only provide an entertaining and rewarding gaming experience but will also help to promote animal welfare and conservation. Our game integrates elements of simulation, breeding, donation and collection to create an immersive and engaging gameplay experience. In Caring Meadow, players will take on the role of animal protectors and will be responsible for caring for animals in need. Players are asked to complete different breeding tasks and challenges in game, players can earn different NFTs in game, which can be exchanged to our native tokens, most importantly, the rewards can be traded and donated to support animal protection organizations in the real-world. Currently, the primary focus is to consistently develop our own public chain combining features of NFT trading and donation, which will be launched in the third version of the game along with an introduction of governance token.
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